Fix Fiber Patch Panel

  • 5U 23″ to 19″ Rack Reducer

    5U 23″ to 19″ Rack Reducer

    A simple solution for 23″ rack.

    How do you install a standard 19” rack equipment in to a 23” relay rack or 23” 4 post cabinet? The answer is simple. You need a RCB1060 series 23” to 19” RACK Reducer. RCB1060 gives you the 2” extension you need for right side and left of your cabinet to fill the gap.


    What is a RACK REDUCER ?

    RCB1060 PEM Nut 23” to 19” rack reducer is a special 2” wide bracket design for mounting 19” rack equipment in a 23” cabinet. You need two brackets for right and left side of your cabinet to properly install your 19” rack equipment.


    Save Money and save enviroment.

    If you own a 23” telecom relay rack or 23” 4 post cabinet, you can reuse and repurpose a section for 19” rack application. Your 23” telecom cabinet offers the exact same features as a standard 19” rack cabinet except for the width. By using our RCB1060 PEM nut rack reducer, instead of paying full price for a brand new 19” rack, you only pay fraction of cost for a pair of RCB1060 rack reducer. You are not only saving money, you are also saving the environment by reusing resource. RCB1060 offer size from 1U up to 5U to choose from



  • 1U Rack Mount Type PLC Splitter

    1U Rack Mount Type PLC Splitter

    Material: 1.2mm High Grade Cold Rolled Steel Plate. Surface sandblasting treatment.
    Material Coating: Powdered.
    Dimension : 482mmx280mmx2U (must fit in 19 inch rack)
    Suitable Adapters: Easy to install SC Fiber Adapters & Pigtails. SC/APC SC/UPC. All types of Connectors/adopters can be installed (SC and LC).
    Number of Trays: 4 Splice Tray include PLC splitter slot adjustable for splitter 1:4, 1:8 and 1:16



  • Rack-Mount Fix Fiber Patch Panel

    Rack-Mount Fix Fiber Patch Panel

    Optical Fiber Patch Panel is an auxiliary equipment for terminal wiring in optical fiber transmission communication network, suitable for direct and branch connection of indoor optical cables, and protects optical fiber joints. The fiber optic cable terminal box is mainly used for the fixing of the fiber optic cable terminal, the splicing of the fiber optic cable and the pigtail, and the storage and protection of the remaining fiber.

    Rack-Mount Fixed Fiber Patch Panels are 19’’ inch size and Modular design fit for Rack Mount. The Fiber Patch Panel comes with a number of cable management devices for organizing cables entering and exiting the panel. This Fiber Distribution Frame are equipped with slack-fiber storage spools,cable fix seat and Splicing tray. Each Fiber Optic Distribution Frame features front and rear removable metal covers for quick and easy installation and maintenance. And the cover is fixed by screw.its simple structure and the better costly choice.