Fiber Optic Connector

  • SC/APC Simplex Fiber optic Loopback

    SC/APC Simplex Fiber optic Loopback

    Fiber Optic Loop back modules are also called optical loop back adapters. Fiber Optic Loop backs is designed to provide a media of return patch for a fiber optic signal. Typically it is used for fiber optic testing applications or network restorations. For the testing applications, the loopback signal is used for diagnosing a problem.

    Sending a loop back test to network equipment, one at a time, is a technique for isolating a problem. Similar as patch cords, fiber optic loop backs can be with various jacket types and cable diameters, and they can be with different terminations and length. Fiber optic loop backs are with compact design, and they are compliant with fast Ethernet, fiber channel, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet. We also offer custom assemblies for fiber optic loop backs. the common fiber optic loop backs types are: SC fiber optic loop backs, FC fiber optic loop backs, LC fiber optic loop backs, MT-RJ fiber optic loop backs.

    Fiber Optic Loop back Cables, which are with different connectors including ST, SC, FC, LC, MU, MTRJ etc

  • FTTH SC/APC Optical Fast Connector

    FTTH SC/APC Optical Fast Connector

    Fast connector (also named “ No-Polish Connector ” , “Pre-polish Connector” or “ Fast Connector ”) is an easy-to-install device. No tool or jig is required. It is universal for 250um /900um / 2.0mm / 3.0mm / Flat Cable.

    Mechanical Field-Mountable Fiber Optic Connector (FMC) is designed to simple the connection without fusion splicing machine. This connector is quick assembly which requires only normal fiber preparation tools: cable stripping tool and  fiber cleaver. The connector adopts Fiber Pre-Embeded Tech with superior ceramic ferrule and aluminum alloy V-groove. Also, transparent design of the side cover which allows visual inspection.

    A high performance, easy to use mechanical fiber optic connector. It can be widely used in FTTH drop cable connection and inter-connection

  • SC/APC Duplex Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter

    SC/APC Duplex Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter

    Optical fiber adapter (also known as flange),is the centering connection part of optical fiber movable connector, a small device designed to terminate or link the fiber optic cables or fiber optic connectors between two fiber optic lines. Fiber optic adapters are used in fiber optic connection, the typical use is to provide a cable to cable fiber connection.

    By linking two connectors precisely, Fiber Optic Adaptor allow the light sources to be transmitted at most and lower the loss as much as possible. At the same time,Fiber Cable Adapter have the merits of low insertion loss, good interchangeability and reproducibility.Widely used in optical fiber distribution frame (ODF), optical fiber communication equipment, instruments, etc., superior performance, stable and reliable.