16 Ports Fiber Distribution Box

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Box performance in line with industry standards YD / T2150-2010 requirements. Mainly used in FTTX access system terminal links. Fiber Splitter Distribution Box  with high-strength PC alloy plastic injection molding, with good sealing and anti-aging properties, waterproof,can be installed in outdoor wall, hanging rod installation or indoor wall installation.

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Environmental requirements

Waterproof Grading: IP55

Temperature: -40℃~+60℃

Humidity: ≤95% (+40℃)

Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa~108 KPa

Box size: 205(H)×180 (W) ×50 (D) mm


The internal use of single-layer structure design, divided into optical distribution area, the introduction of outdoor cable, fixed welding and butterfly-shaped cable coiled storage area. Fiber optic lines clear, do not interfere with each other, to facilitate the construction operation and post-maintenance.

There are two cable entry holes along the bottom of the box. Can be introduced two outdoor cable and eight butterfly cable. To meet the direct or divergence of outdoor fiber optic cable connection and butterfly-shaped cable connection.

Fused discs can be configured with 8-core or 12-core capacity to meet the expansion capacity of the cabinet.

Flange installation to meet the 8-core.

Butterfly-shaped fiber optic cable fixed unit with card slot structure, can be ordered and butterfly-shaped fiber optic cable laying.

Box body can be stored about 1 meter butterfly cable, through the wire ring in the box orderly deployment, and to ensure that the bending radius ≥ 30mm.

Installation instructions

Installation: wall-mounted

1. Install four holes in the wall according to the distance between the mounting holes of the backplane and the plastic expansion sleeve.

2. Fix the case to the wall with M8 × 40 screws.

3. Insert the upper positioning hole of the box into the hole of the wall, and fix the box to the wall with the M8 × 40 screw through the box under the box hole.

4. check the cabinet installation, qualified to close the door. To prevent rain from entering the cabinet, tighten the lock cylinder with the key.

5. Introduce the outdoor cable and the butterfly cable according to the construction requirements.

Pole mounting

1. Removing the Cabinet To mount the back plate and the hoop, loosen the harness to the mounting plate.

2. Secure the backplane to the poles with a hoop. In order to prevent accidents, should check the hoop locking pole, solid and reliable, no loosening.

3. Box installation and fiber-optic cable installation and distribution 3.1.3,3.1.4.

4. Open the cabinet

5. The middle finger can be opened by pulling the fastener firmly outwards, and the lower cover can be fastened with the downward force of the finger.






1 piece

Heat shrink sleeves


8 pieces

Protective tube



Nylon cable ties


4 pieces

Expansion bolts


4 sets



1 piece

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