Fiber Optical Half round Spool

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Fiber half spool is a device for manage the optical cables. Its usually used in fiber optic terminal box,ODF,Fiber distribution box. The Fiber Optic Half spool can ensures the curvature radius of the fiber can make the box more tidy and Reduce the bending radius of the optical fiber, protect the optical fiber from crease, and reduce the loss. The material of Half round spool is Flame retardant ABS,the color usually is gray or black and also can be customized in other colors.

It belongs to Fiber FTTH Accessories, fiber management, Ftth Accessories.

Cable Accessories, Fiber Optic Accessories, Fiber Optic Accessory.

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Technical Parameter

Working temperature: -5℃~40℃

Relative humidity: ≤85% (at 30℃)

Atmospheric pressure: 70~106Kpa

Flame retardant: flame retardant plastic (ABS), flame retardant Meet industry requirements, add anti-aging agent.


Fiber optic distribution frame

FTTH terminal box

Fiber optic splice closures

Fiber Optical cabinet

According to the size,we have two difference height fiber Half Spool 15mm and 28mm. The detail information are as the follows:

1. 15mm Fiber Half Spool type

Material UL94-V0 ABS
Size 122*59*15mm
color Beige, Grey, black
Operating Temperature  -40°c to +55°c
Type HT-15FS

The detail size of Fiber Half Spool is as follows:

Fiber Optical Half Spool Data sheet5

2. 28mm Half Round Spool type

Material UL94-V0 ABS 
Size 107*59*28mm
color Beige, Grey, Black
Operating Temperature  -40°c to +55°c
Type HT-28FS

The detail size of Fiber Half Spool is as follows:

Fiber Optical Half Spool Data sheet6

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