Mini Fiber Protective Sleeve Box

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Fiber Protective Box is a device for protecting the splicing connector. Usually used with fiber optic sleeve. Its applied to FTTH. This structure is opened type. All parts can be open. Its easy to operate when splicing the fiber. Drop Cable Protective Box is used for drop cable connecting, splice and protection. Its smaller size, white color.

The Optical Fiber Cable Splice Box is an Indoor type.  It is a box to put in a drop cable with a thermal protection tube after heat shrink, so that the splice spot can get a better protection. Relative to the cold welding, the hot one can improve the optical performance of connector, make the effective connection rate increased to one hundred percent, prolong the service life of the product and lower maintenance costs.

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This Fiber Drop Splice Closure is used in FTTH connection, we use this Fiber Drop Repair Splice Closure to make heat Shrinkable Splice with 2pcs Drop Cable (Or Drop Cable SC Connector Terminated one side). It's designed for either Flat Drop Cable or Round Drop Cable.

Material: PP
Small size, beautiful appearance, easy installation.
Flame retardant plastic V0 level.
To meet the fixed port cables that meet the covered wire pigtail and meet ordinary fixed.
Splice protection reliable and less vulnerable to external forces and damaged broken.

The use of the environment
Environment temperature: -25 ~ +65
Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa ~ 106Kpa.
Plastic shell injection plump, smooth, no acute angle, to eliminate any defects that may affect product performance.

fiber protetctive box3


Small size,convenient install

Stable and reliable

Fast connecting

Waterproof IP65

Small size, nice shape, convenient Installation

Satisfy for drop cable and normal cable. 


Widely used in FTTH (Fiber To the Home) access network

Telecommunication Networks

CATV Networks

Data communications Networks

Local Area Networks

Suitable for Telecom

fiber protetctive box4




Carton size:460*368*460mm


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