12F Ribbon Fiber optical Splice Sleeve

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The Ribbon Fiber Splice Sleeve is mainly suitable for optical fibers with multiple cores. According to the number of cores, it can be divided into 4 cores, 8 cores, and 12 cores. By reinforced ceramic rods, fusion tube and cross-linked polyolefin composition, can rebuild the cladding of the fiber and can provide good mechanical strength, in the joint guarantee good optical transmission performance.

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Ribbon fiber splice sleeves are applied in bar fiber-optic cables of the RIBBON type. They enable to secure up to twelve fibers in one sleeve. Excellent climatic and thermal properties make it ideal for use in closed as well as open spaces. The main goals during design phase were: full protection of the fiber optic splices and quickness of assembly. Initial shrinking of the sleeve was taken into account during the production process to reduce the gap between the tubes. This protects the internal tube and ceramic strengthening element from falling out. The sleeves we produce offer full protections the fiber optic splices. They do not cause additional insert losses, and they offer protection against mechanical damage, pollution and weather conditions. 

Fiber ribbon sleeve is characterized by ability to secure up to 12 fibers in one shield and quickness of assembly (120s). The sleeve consists of one D-shaped ceramic strengthening element (dimensions 1.9x3.9mm up to 12 fibers). 

The standard mass fiber sleeve are made in clear color. 


According to the difference of the reinforcing sheet, mass fiber protective sleeve can be divided into single-sided belt-shaped mass fiber sleeve and double-sided belt-shaped heat shrinkable tube. Normally single-sided.


Take a single-sided 40cm12 core Ribbon Sleeve as an example below

Ribbon Fiber Splice Sleeve12


Heat Shrinkable Fiber Optic Ribbon Splice Protector
Type Creramic Outer Tube Inner Tube AFTER HEATING
Material OD Length Material ID Thickness length material ID length thickness OD
12F Single Ceramic 40*4*2 40 PE 5.2±0.1 0.25±0.02 40 EVA 3.9*1.8 40 0.5±0.05 4.8*4.35
12F double Ceramic 40*4*2 40 PE 5.8±0.1 0.25±0.02 40 EVA 4.3*2.0 40 0.5±0.05 5.6*5.4
8F single Ceramic 40*4*2 40 PE 4.7±0.1 0.25±0.02 40 EVA 3.2*1.5 40 0.5±0.05 4.7*4.1
6F Single Ceramic 40*3*1.5 40 PE 4.2±0.1 0.25±0.02 40 EVA 3.1*1.7 40 0.4±0.05 3.7±0.1
6F double Ceramic 40*3*1.5 40 PE 4.7±0.1 0.25±0.02 40 EVA 2.7*1.6 40 0.4±0.05 3.7±0.1


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