FTTH Fiber Fusion splice Sleeve for drop cable

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FTTH Drop Cable Fiber Sleeve Suitable for Splicing of drop fiber and drop fiber. Which mainly contains three parts: heat-shrinkable tube, hot-melt tube and stainless steel needle. The Fiber Optic Cable Protection Sleeve is a specially designed optical fiber splice protection element composed of cross-linked polyolefin, heat shrinkable tube and reinforced stainless steel wire. It can improve the mechanical strength of the optical fiber fusion splice, protect the splice, and ensure the reliability of the splicing. Before shrinking the fusion splice protection sleeves, the transparent outer layer can be used to detect whether the light splicing part is connected correctly, so that the optical fiber can be assembled easily and safely, and provide protection. After shrinking, the transmission characteristics of the optical fiber can be maintained. Provide strength and protection.According to the number of reinforcing cores, it can be divided into single pin and double pin Smoove fiber optic splice.

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Inner support steel is made by SUS304 stainless steel

Working temperature: -45 ~ 110 ℃ 

● Shrinking temperature range: 120 ℃

 Standard color: Clear

Custom products available

Outer tube material of fiber optic protection sleeve is made by polyolefin

Inner tube material of fiber protective sleeve is made by EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate)


Customized Service:Varied size, length and color are available for option

The Normal Length: 40mm, 60mm

Product ID OD OD after shrink
Single-pin Drop Fiber Sleeve 3.8-3.9mm 5.5-6.0mm 3.5±0.15mm
Double-pin Drop Fiber Sleeve 3.8-3.9mm 6-6.5mm 3.75±0.15mm

Technical Data


Test Method

Typical Data

Tensile Strength

ASTM D2671

≥18 MPa

Ultimate Elongation

ASTM D2671


Dielectric Strength

IEC 243

20 KV/mm

Dielectric Constant

IEC 243


Longitudinal Change

ASTM D2671



ISO R1183D

0.94 g/cm3

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