Factory sales 60*1.0*2.5mm Fiber Optic Cable Protection Sleeve

Short Description:

Fiber splice sleeve is compose of reinforced steel wire, hot melt tube and cross-linked polyolefin. providing SS304 or SS201 strength member and protection to fiber optical splices

It can reconstruct overlay fiber and can provide good mechanical strength at the junction,to ensure good optical transmission properties.

we are factory of Fustion Splice Sleeve and we can provide OEM Service.such as Ribbon sleeve,Fiber sleeve for drop cable,Micro splice sleeve…..

If have any insteres,please feel free to contact us.

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The Fiber Optical Heat Shrink Sleeves is A protective element designed for the connection of optical fibers.

  1. The optical conductivity of optical fiber is not affected
  2.  Protect the connection point, improve the mechanical strength
  3. Simple operation, reduce the risk of damage to the fiber installation;
  4. transparent Tube, the optical fiber connection status at a glance
  5. Quick shrinkage speed and high construction efficiency;
  6. high temperature, the use of a wide range;

The seal structure has good temperature and humidity resistance.


HT-RSK 60*1.0


Single fiber

Outer shrink tube Length

Material PE(less)+EVA(more)
Length 60±0.2mm
Inner Diameter 3.2±0.1mm
Thickness 0.22±0.02mm

Inner Tube

Material EVA
Length 60±0.2mm
Inner Diameter 2.1±0.2mm
Thickness 0.25±0.02mm

Steel rod


Material 304 stainless steel
Length 55±0.02mm
Inner Diameter 1.0±0.02mm

OD after shrink


Operating temperature

-45 °C to + 140  °C

Standard Color


Color Available

White, Blue, Grey, Yellow, Brown, Black, Orange, Pink,Red, Cyan, Green, Purple


100pcs/bag or 12pcs/bag

Heat Shrink Condition

140℃  2~4 Seconds


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